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Based in New York City, Crystal Venture Partners provides strategic advice and capital to early-stage companies driving long-term strategic change in the insurance industry.

We believe in Insurance

Risk transfer through insurance is fundamental to our economic and social welfare. We are in the earliest phase of the restructuring of the global insurance industry — one made necessary by rising demand for accessible, economic, and timely insurance solutions in an era of profound socio-political, technological, and climatic change. 


We invest in companies that make an impact

Our portfolio companies leverage the key capital and technology innovations of the last decade to create sustainable business models. 


Our investments primarily fall into B2B categories: 

  • Technology companies developing infrastructure to facilitate the future of the insurance industry

  • Software companies extracting & activating risk data to: reduce cost; improve underwriting, claims, and service outcomes; and/or increase transaction speed

  • Insurance product manufacturers (MGA’s) leveraging proprietary data sets and advanced technologies to achieve sustainable underwriting and cost advantages

  • Companies enabling the future of insurance distribution by enhancing customer experience, increasing producer productivity, and improving accessibility.

From launching new ventures to revitalizing legacy structures, we focus on achieving value creation while making a larger impact on the industry.

We bring domain expertise.

In a regulated and global insurance industry, “move fast and break things” isn’t necessarily the way to go. Instead, we collaborate across the insurance ecosystem and bring multi-sector consulting, private investing, and operating experience to reduce execution risk, facilitate critical partnerships, and accelerate go-to-market trajectories. 


Jonathan Crystal


Through Crystal Venture Partners, Jonathan Crystal invests in and advises insurance and technology companies accelerating the future of the insurance industry.  


Jonathan brings to bear more than 20 years of operational experience as a principal of top-25 national insurance brokerage firm, Crystal & Company. Jonathan served as the firm’s CFO and was responsible for the firm’s field and general operations prior to leading the firm through its acquisition by Alliant Insurance Services in 2018. 

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